Stationary In A Digital World: M.C. Pressure

In a time where everything is done by computers, it’s difficult to even imagine doing things by hand. I’m of the “old-school” era, where writing things with a pen is still exhilarating. Often I end up doing double the work because I write everything out and then I type it on my laptop. But being a creative, nothing inspired me more than being able to freely give into all of my thoughts without habit nag to worry about a typo or hitting the space bar.

I do think there are many wonderful perks to the digital world, such as being able to connect with people you’ve never actually met. Which brings me to M.C. Pressure, a company based out of Augustine, Florida. They specialize in custom press printing stationary. Whether you need new business cards or a simple greeting card, their unique work is truly craftsmanship at its finest.

Known for their “millennial pink” PRODUCTIVE AF notepad, they’ve expanded to products like coasters displaying “Don’t fuck up the table” on their tops and customized business cards.

I came across their Instagram account on one of my late nights that dark black hole Instagram sessions and became instantly obsessed. As the small company that they are, its important that we use our dollar value where we are valued and appreciated. M.C. does a phenomenal job at making your purchase feel as unique as possible.

Visit for a complete list of products and follow them on Instagram for daily inspo @mc_pressure.

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