Skin Care that I Truly Believe in- Urban Skin Rx

Urban Skin Rx is a product that I found to be absolutely amazing! Not only do I personally use this product and have watched my skin transform, I highly recommend giving this product a try! With life, our body goes through many ups and downs and for me, my mood definitely seems to appear on my skin, especially when stressed or mentally and physically unbalanced. I can drink gallons of water, but nope, it does not solve the fact that my skin is calling for help!!! I have used many products, paid top dollar for facials and the second you think you have your skin under control, achieving that “natural glow”, what do you see… a zit, which throws off your entire vibe. With this being said, when it comes to skincare we all have our go-to’s — and for me its Urban RX. I had the opportunity to get to know the woman behind the brand, CEO and Founder Rachel Roff.

1.) How did you decide on the name, Urban Skin Rx?

Urban was chosen as a word that represents diversity and inclusion. I grew up in San Francisco and felt that cities represent populations inclusive for all cultures and ethnicities.

2.) Why do you think there is a lack of black skin care products in the beauty industrytoday?

I think it’s due to the fact that many brands are not founded by black founders and because of the lack of black representation in leadership positions.

3.) Besides melanin, is there a difference between black and white skin?

Yes, darker skin is more prone to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, meaning any injury or inflammation the skin deals with, it more easily produces a scar/dark mark. Also deeper skin tones have more collagen meaning it stays firmer longer and doesn’t age as easily.

4.) What has been your biggest challenge in the beauty industry thus far?

At times consumers have questioned me for starting a skincare brand that specialize in the needs of deeper skin tones which I don’t have. I have been accused of doing it not out of genuineness, but just to make money. However, I have been hugely supported by so many, but that issue always comes up and of course it’s hurtful. When I started researching and learning how to treat deeper skin tones it was because I saw an injustice and wanted to make sure that no skin tone was left out in the clinical skin care industry. I never actually saw my career growing to what it is now, I was in the treatment room and figured at that time that’s where I would remain.

5.) How are you able to balance work with your personal life?

I don’t lol. I feel very overwhelmed and at times run down. I have been a business owner since 24, and now have not just my medical spa with 30 employees but also the Urban Skin Rx skincare line with an additional 35 employees. When you’re a CEO and entrepreneur there is no turning off. Texts, emails are 24/7 because although I have a great executive team, there are many things I still have to approve and things could be time sensitive. Working out and vacations definitely help to regenerate me. I try to take 3-5 day breaks every 2-3 months.

6.) What advice can you give to any entrepreneur who is starting a new business venture?

You have to be so passionate about your venture because that passion is what will give you the determination to never give up. Also being able to quickly pivot, which to me, means you are always thinking about backup plans to every scenario. So many things will not go as planned or promised so being prepared for that is essential.

7.) How many years did it take for you to see a ROI?

1 year

8.) Do you believe that someone can start a business without an investor?

It depends on someone’s personal financial situation and how much the business they are wanting to start costs to start up.

9.) If you were able to give young Rachel any advice now in 2020, what would it be?

Lead by example. Don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you’re the boss. It’s easier to get people to act a certain way when they see you doing it first.

10.) Besides going International, what’s next for Urban Skin Rx?

Our mass line is currently in Ulta, Target and CVS; but our Pro Strength Collection is only sold on, QVC, HSN and I would love to see our Pro Strength Collection expanded to more retail shelves!

11.) What are 3 things that you do every morning before starting your day?

Give my family a hug and kiss, drink coffee and check my Instagram.

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