Skin and Senses

With the “natural beauty” market booming, it seems like everyday we have more and more options. Many products labeled natural do indeed contain natural products but are filled with hormone disturbing toxins and other chemicals which serve as fillers to dilute products. If you are like me and do your homework you know how important it is in having a product that is all natural, which means free of GMOs, fillers, artificial colors, phthalates, parabens and emollients.

Recently I tried a few products from my new favorite brand, Skin and Senses which left me amazed and excited to share my reviews on them!

Skin and senses is cruelty-free, made with ethically sourced and sustainably harvested organic and fair trade ingredients. Not only are their products 100% all natural but also are labeled with inspiring quotes to remind us of the essence and beauty of our souls.

I tried their Clarity Brightening Body Exfoliator which left my skin feeling velvety and refreshed right out of the shower! Their luminous scent was a perfect mix of vanilla musk and sweet fruity notes. I followed up with the Fearless Body Butter and a little went a long way! It left my skin glowing and moisturized all day. I also tried their Shine Revitalizing & Smoothing Body Oil in their Vanilla Bean Yazu scent which had a more citrus essence and felt very refreshing. The body oil was long lasting and left my skin feeling smooth and silky.

After a few days of alternating between the body butter and oil I can feel and see the difference in moisture on my skin. My skin feels and looks dewy and smooth in all the right places. Not only is my skin glowing but I know it is being nourished by non toxic products and that gives me peace of mind.


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