Paula’s Choice UnScrub is The Face Scrub You’ve Been Looking For

When I think of a face scrub, I think of those hard plastic beads in a cleanser rubbing against your skin, getting into your hair and ears, and causing irritation and redness. These harsh facial scrubs causes micro-tears and damages the skin’s all-important barrier. Paula’s Choice Unscrub is different.

Paula’s Choice – The UnScrub, $29

This 2-in-1 milky cleanser washes away make up, sunscreen, and impurities while polishing the surface of the skin with jojoba beads. In my experience with The UnScrub, the gentle jojoba beads aren’t abrasive and naturally dissolved during use. The cleanser provided a sensation of physical exfoliation and since the beads disappear, there was no chance of over-scrubbing or irritation of the skin. After rinsing, my skin was left feeling clean and conditioned with no greasy residue left over.

The UnScrub can be bought at for $29. While it won’t replace a BHA or AHA exfoliant, it will replenish and moisturize your skin giving you a fresh and clean feeling!

Photos by @Paulaschoice

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