Jewelry Is Timeless, So Is Miranda Frye

Jewelry can be subtle or extravagant and that’s the beauty of it. A woman can choose what she wants to be and what she wants to wear. It’s all a matter of personal preference. I prefer minimalistic pieces, timeless items that can go with any outfit I throw on. My mother on the other hand, she use to love chunky earrings. She would say, “all a woman needs is a big pair of earrings and she can look presentable without a drop of makeup.” I kid you not, she would NEVER let my sisters and I walk out of the house without our earrings on.

Fast forward to my adult life and jewelry is something I can’t live without. The minimalist in me is obsessed with necklace pieces and rings. They give me a sense of confidence and poise.

When I was introduced to the Miranda Frye Collection, I immediately fell in love. All of the pieces are beautiful, simple yet versatile. If anyone wants to know how many different ways you can style a chocker, Miranda Frye can show you the ways.

Miranda created this business in search of jewelry that worked for her. She craved quality and simplicity, things anyone may say are not difficult to find but on the contrary they really are. In a world filled with the idea that “bigger is better”, we lost a sense of true craftsmanship. Every item found in the collections is carefully thought out and created with the sole purpose of giving value and meaning to something women wear every day.

Through her company , she’s managed to succeed in her industry and is a perfect example of how a determined woman is unstoppable. If something isn’t there, create it! Be fearless, the Miranda Frye way.

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How empowering was it to be able to create jewelry pieces that fit your exact needs?

As a working mother, it has always been so important for me to be able to accessorize quickly and feel put together in an instant. For this reason, my entire jewelry line has always been designed to be mixed, matched and layered with ease. I want to create confidence when my customer is putting together the finishing touches for her outfit. Layering jewels should be easy, fun and low stress.

Why is jewelry so important to you?

Jewelry is just so personal and intimate. A certain piece can have special meaning or sentiment, or it can simply be the bling to complete your look. Nothing can pull together an outfit like the right jewelry.

Would you agree that a piece of jewelry has the ability to either make or break an outfit?

Before starting Miranda Frye I would have said yes, but as I began designing with a woman’s busy lifestyle in mind, I began to realize that it didn’t have to be this way. A big part of our success has been that our designs flow together in a way that makes it possible for literally anyone to wear. Because Miranda Frye designs can be mixed and matched so easily, it takes the stress and worry out of leaving the house with the “wrong” jewelry on. It’s pretty much impossible to go wrong with the MF line. I can’t even count how many times I have personally “thrown” on my jewelry in a rush to get out the door and then later that day being complimented on how I put it together. It actually makes me laugh and think, “If they only could have seen me getting ready”. Another important piece of making our lines look great is our quality. We design our jewelry with the highest quality materials at an affordable price and create classic designs that remain on trend. The bottom line is that whether you are in the “Less is Less” or “More is More”, Miranda Frye has your jewelry needs covered.

Do you see your company branching off into other lanes other than jewelry?

My dream is to become a complete accessories line. Belts, bags for sure! In a fantasy world, I would love to create lighting. Interior design is a passion of mine.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a business owner?

Anticipating supply and demand. We have been growing at such a quick pace, it can be challenging to make sure we are making enough of a certain style.

How do you balance your work and personal life?

When you own your own business, it is always a challenge. I am not as balanced as I should be. Just keeping it real. Your mind never really is “off”. However, it has made me really aware of my kids and husband and appreciative of the down time we have together. And I have to say no a lot to social engagements so I can prioritize my family.

Where, what or who do you draw inspiration from?

The world is full of beauty and creativity. I primarily get inspiration from Instagram, architecture, and vintage fashion. Sometimes, I just see a design in my head. For instance, our best-selling Revolve bracelet I designed from my imagination. I tend to pay attention to details and the function of designs. I wanted a bracelet that looked good even when it shifted on your wrist. hence, the Revolve design.

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