Whitney Port Opens Up About Motherhood, Setting Boundaries, & Her Collaboration with Bundle Organics

Whitney Port, she’s everyone’s supportive best friend,…at least that’s what it felt like when I used to watch her on MTV’s reality TV show, The Hills. We were first introduced to Whitney when she was interning for Teen Vogue with co-star Lauren Conrad in Los Angeles, California. Although the show primarily focused on the drama (a big part of why we tuned in, hey Kristin!), we did get a behind the scenes look at the hard work it takes to break into the fashion industry.

Since her debut on The Hills, Whitney’s career has flourished into its own, including her own fashion line, more reality TV (The Hills is making a reboot ICYMI), collaborations, and motherhood. We caught up with Whitney to discuss what she wishes she had known prior to launching her fashion line, setting boundaries, what motherhood is really like, her collaboration with Bundle Organics, and her 2019 mantra.

Fashion Line

After The Hills cast wrapped up their final season they all went on to start their own careers, including Whitney who created her own fashion line, Whitney Eve, in 2009. While Whitney enjoyed designing and creating new pieces for her line, she felt like it was a constant guessing game. Whitney Eve would perform great one season and could potentially flop the next. So, what was Whitney’s takeaway? “Had I known that [it’d be a constant gamble] I maybe would not have started a clothing line as my main solo business after being on the TV show,” Whitney said. Take it from Whitney, go after your dreams, but always have a backup plan in case your business doesn’t go according to plan.

Reality TV

MTV’s The Hills is back, Whitney is one of the OG cast members to confirm her return. The star has also confirmed that her son and husband will make occasional appearances since the show focuses on the cast’s current life, specifically Whitney’s as a wife and mother. But, because her husband and son didn’t sign up for reality TV, she has set boundaries in regards to filming her family life. “It’s really important what you say ‘no’ to just as much as what you say ‘yes’ to,” Whitney said. According to Whitney, it’s all about balance and not overwhelming yourself, especially as a wife and mother.


Whitney and her husband, Tim Rosenman, first met in 2011 while he was an associate producer on The Hills. Just two years later the couple was married and four years into their marriage they welcomed their first child, Sonny. It was during her first trimester when Whitney experienced a mix of negative emotions about motherhood and pregnancy, which her husband encouraged her to speak openly about to her audience. Although hesitant and nervous, Whitney started sharing candid videos called, “I love my baby, but…” which includes various parenting/motherhood topics such as breastfeeding, prioritizing her marriage, hangovers with kids, and how her body has changed.

“When you talk about pregnancy as a bad thing, there are a lot of women out there who can’t get pregnant, or think you’re being too negative about such a beautiful thing, but [fortunately] a lot of people related,” Whitney said. Her advice for mothers who sometimes need a break? Whitney says it’s as simple as blocking time for yourself. “I am a priority in my own life and I am going to give myself time to take care of myself in order to take care of my whole family,” Whitney said. Along with her series, Whitney has also teamed up with a new organics company focused on providing women with the proper nutrients through every stage of pregnancy.

Bundle Organics

“Bundle Organics is a brand women can trust in such a mistrustful time,” Whitney said. When Whitney was pregnant she didn’t know which brand was trustworthy enough to turn to for the type of nutrients her baby and body needed. So, she teamed up with Bundle Organics to create delicious treats. The OBGYN-approved products, which include bites, bars, fizzy drink mixes, smoothie powders, and teas, are designed for all women alike. Whether you’re a busy woman on the go who needs nutrients after a workout, or a mother trying to produce milk, the Bundle Organics products have got you covered.

The best part? Bundle Organics products are all organic, GMO-free, and carefully designed to meet your nutritional needs at every stage of the game. Check them out here, shop here, and follow them here.

2019 Mantra

Whitney is not letting stress win this year, because she’s living in the moment and letting things happen as they happen. Her 2019 mantra? “Try not to worry about what hasn’t happened yet,” Whitney said. If you worry about a situation before it happens then you’ll experience double the stress. We couldn’t agree more, Whitney.

All photos courtesy of Bundle Organics + WhitneyPort.com

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