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Who doesn’t love a spa day? It’s the go-to girls favorite thing to do whenever they have some down time. Although spending time with your girlfriends is great, couples spa dates are often overlooked and DesuarSpa in Los Angeles is changing that, one couples massage at a time.

It’s always important for couples to take time away from their busy schedules to enjoy some quality time together and really disconnect from all of the chatter. You get to relax, all the while your significant other is right beside you. Couple’s massages have the ability to help relationships not only physically but emotionally. Restoring all the energy your work life drains from you is key; if you want to be the best version of yourself for your partner.

Studies show that in a massage session, people are forced to live in the present with no distractions or interruptions. This would explain why doing a couple’s massage can be beneficial to both parties. This activity pushes you to be fully engaged in the now and essentially leaves you open to reconnecting with your partner on an intimate level. A sense of calmness and peace comes over you and you’re able to bast in the serenity together.

DesuarSpa offers an amazing couples retreat experience that targets the connection between couples in a serene environment. With a wide variety of treatment and massages available, every couple is guaranteed to find something suitable for their own needs.

Couples Massage

Grab your #bae and head over to a designated spacious room, designed to fit you and your partner, side by side.

  • 50 min Swedish $245

  • 80 min Swedish $355

  • 100 min Swedish $455

  • List of additional services can be found here.

The best part about Desuar Spa is that any treatments on the menu such as the facials and scrubs can be combined with a couples massage so you can relax and still enjoy each others company together.

We recommend you take #sundayfunday to the next level and book you and #bae a massage asap! The best part is you don’t have to choose whether to have mimosas or get a massage because at Desuar Spa you can have your cake and eat it too. They offer a complimentary glass of wine or sparkling wine after your session. Cheers to you and yours!

Book Here and be sure to check out our “At Home Spa Day” here.

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