It’s mercury retrograde (May 29 – June 22) which means an ex will inevitably reach out…

By Ellie Beltran

Ok, it doesn’t always mean that, but the odds are high. I happen to have an ex reach out around every retrograde, and a couple of days before, I start my gameplan on how to navigate the minefield of exes. This time during my plotting, I realized something….closure. Lack of closure is what keeps them around. Have I left the door energetically open for them to return due to my lack of closure? Most of my relationships ended in a muddied unclear breakup, resulting in me simply blocking their existence from my mind but never actually giving the relationship the respect of ending on a clear understanding of why it is ending. While Mercury Retrograde may result in your exes rising from the dead and returning to trigger you one last time, they cannot get to you if you do not leave room for them in your heart. Close the door. Get the closure you need. And closure does not always require the person who hurt you. It is entirely up to you to give yourself the gift of closure. Relationships will be tested, and endings will be met. Remember it is for your highest good, like clearing out the junk drawer to make space for the new and improved you.

Mercury retrograde is a time to renew, review, revisit, rethink, reinvent, release, restore and rest! Forget about reading in between the lines. Focus on what is in front of you and what is on the line during this cycle. Focus on your self–care vs. self–indulgence. Revisit your goals and manifestations from earlier in the year. If one has not worked out, try rewording those wishes to match your current needs. Tune in to what is essential and make those minor or significant adjustments to your routine. We are all in this together, and though there might be some bumps in the road, we will emerge stronger and happier once the dust settles.