Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Our staff compiles the top five types of men you should avoid. 

In my teens through early adulthood, dating was easy. It was a process of elimination. The pickings were bountiful, and the talent pool was quite incredible. There was no shortage of men, and as I reminisce about yesteryear (which wasn’t too long ago), I now ask, “Where did all the men go?”

Now in my mid 30’s dating is different. We text instead of talk, we meet online instead of in-person, and the pickings are slim – especially now that women outnumber men.

But I am not there to talk about the peculiarities of dating. Instead, I want to talk about why it’s more complicated than ever to find a good man and the different personality types I have run into – and the ones you should avoid:


I want to date a man. I want to date a man who can make decisions, a man who leads with compassion, a man who can put me in place out of concern, not dominance. Because really, why are men becoming more feminine? I don’t understand, and trust me, I tried, and the two-month experience was like dating a chick with a dick.

This Queen needs her King, and nowadays, I’m meeting men who take better selfies than me. So, if you spend more time hung up on the mirror, and I don’t know how to hang one, then yes, I’m talking to you, snowflake.  

I see guys who see themselves as a “prize.” No. I am serious. These are the egotistical, self-centered guys who value their worth based on wealth, physique and looks. Look, fellas, if women want a prize, they’ll go to the carnival. Now I can’t speak for all of us, but I want a man focused on continual improvement and spirituality. I want a man who prides himself on the item’s money can’t buy, because honey, I can buy my own luxury car and my own luxury condo. What I can’t buy is a man with whom to build a history.


Ladies. Unless you plan on being an emotional support girlfriend, stay the heck away from emotionally available men. These men are distant and cold. They sabotage relationships, they are toxic, they have abandonment issues, and I can go on and on and on. The bottom line: If they don’t want to connect, it’s time to disconnect. On another note, if a man “completes you,” then you have absolutely no business dating because a man should complement your life, never complicate or complete it.   

As a woman, I attest to my love of penis, but I cannot stand unsolicited dick pics. Frankly, there is nothing more terrifying than coming face to face with a flesh-colored, one-eyed sea serpent staring me dead in my eyeballs. Men send me dick pics like I’m supposed to fall in love, and my response is always the same. I reply back with “file size too small” and block them.


My vagina is candy that won’t rot your teeth. So why exactly do you not want to taste it? Oh, you’re too manly? Oh, it grosses you out? If a man is afraid to go down and explore the wonderful world of my well-kept vagina, it’s a deal-breaker. Oh, and if he goes down and can’t take direction and pin the tail on the donkey, then it’s time to give him directions back home.

Keep in mind, this is my shortlist of men to avoid. I could easily finger bang this keyboard to death on the topic, but that would require a novel or better yet a doctorate-level thesis. So, stay tuned because this discussion shall be continued. In the meantime, may you ATTRACT what you deserve and lead with love.